Health, Safety and Quality

Health Safety and Quality Unit

The unit develops a transversal and integrated management in order to promote a culture of Health, Safety and Quality in i3S activities and to enhance the institution's performance.

Location: 115.S4B

Member of the Executive Board in charge: Bruno Sarmento


Health & Safety

Technical Coordinator: Joana Correia ( | 7153)

Technician | IPATIMUP Technical Supervisor: Patrícia Castro ( | 6095)

Assistant: Isabel Duarte ( | 7154) 


Technical Coordinator: Eliana Vale ( | 6207)

In this section you will find training sessions on Health&Safety that are mandatory for all newcomers and every two years for the remaining members. The information is universal to all laboratories/platforms. Some topics cover General Lab Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, Chemical Safety, Biosafety, Emergency Response and Fire Safety. The e-Learning theoretical modules are complemented with a monthly practical session on how to use first intervention fire safety equipment.
In this section you will find all the optional training sessions that are complimentary to the mandatory training sessions.

Quality and Metrology Training Session

E-lesson aims:

•Training new i3S members in the fields of Quality and Metrology
- Precautions when manipulating and handling sensitive equipment
- Overview of the quality procedures implemented at i3S

Training i3S members for COVID-19 Safety

  • How to prevent COVID-19 infection
  • Overview of the measures implemented at i3S